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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make a Non Committal Guy Get Serious

If you have ever been in a relationship with a guy, it may not surprise you to hear that a high number of men seem very non committal when it comes to taking relationships to the next level. This is something that many women rather challenging to tackle.

As a result, many women go through their relationships with lots of frustrations as they wonder how they can get out of the rut. However, you should not let this happen to you in case you find that your guy meets this description. Instead of resigning yourself to the situation, you can take measures that will help the guy to crave for a deeper commitment.

You can actually take quite an active role in taking your stalling relationship to the next level through a number of subtle steps. If you would like to succeed in this effort, you should not mention anything to do with serious commitment. You need to watch both what you say and do. It is not subtle to avoid asking him when he considers marrying you but talk about the things you would enjoy in a marriage. Just do not talk about such a serious commitment. In addition, do not leave things around that will bring the thought of marriage in mind.

Trying to sweet-talk the guy into making a serious commitment will do the opposite, as he will try to defend himself. Although some men will clearly state their lack of interest in having a serious relationship, others will simply avoid the issue. In either case, trying to 'talk sense' into your guy will strengthen his resistance.

Handling a non committal guy

Let the guy notice your new stance without mentioning it either. He will realize that you no longer mention anything about marriage, and he will be curious as to the reason of your change of attitude. When the man notices that you are not as interested in him as you used to be, he will take measures that will help in winning more of your affection. He will thus take the relationship seriously. When he realizes that you are not under his grasp, his ego will be deflated.

Men are typically hunters by nature, and when you give your guy something to chase, he will come after you. If the guy is interested in you, he will not want to lose you.

Instead of being with him all the time, go out with your girlfriends. In case you have been used to calling him, stop it. When he misses your calls, he will take the initiative to call instead. Take things a step further by letting some of his calls go unanswered. Show the guy that you have an independent life that does not include him.

A guy who truly cares will not take it lightly if he faces the risk of losing you.

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