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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things That Turn Men Off

When you're on a date, do you sometimes wish you had a checklist of the things that turn men off? Do you sometimes feel that you're playing a game and nobody told you the rules? When you're trying to ring his bell, do you just end up yanking his chain? If you've nixed more dates than you care to remember by straying into conversational no-go zones, then you need to read this article. These things are absolutely guaranteed to turn men off.

1. Marriage

It may be on your mind, and you may well be sitting across the table from your future husband, but introduce this topic of conversation too early and it won't be wedding bells you hear - it will be the sound of his footsteps, running away into the distance, forever. He's on a date. Nobody feels like deciding their entire future on a date.

2. Children

This is even worse than marriage as a topic of conversation. He wants to feel like the man of your dreams, not a convenient donor of genetic material.

3. The Perfidious Nature Of All Men

How do you think a man feels if you regale him with tales of how awful every other man in your life has been to you? Exactly how you'd feel if he told you how evil womankind is, that's how. You may well have had unhappy experiences with past boyfriends, but bringing them up is impolite at best and guaranteed to turn men off at worst. He doesn't want to feel that you view him as a heartless cad and betrayer before you've got to know him, and he certainly doesn't want to feel that you're going to bad-mouth him to your next date, either.

4. Money

It's just vulgar. Do you really want your date to feel that you see him as nothing more than a source of cash?

5. Too Much Too Soon

Honesty is important, but there is such a thing as too much information, especially in the early stages. Talking about your surgical procedures or your impending court appearance will not make him see you as fascinating and sexy, trust us!

If those are the wrong topics of conversation, what are the right topics? Anything that isn't on the above list! Your aim is to seem independent and interesting and genuinely interested in him as a person. Anything which reeks of desperation or bitterness or instability will turn men off, every time.

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How to Talk And Keep Guys Interested

Are you a shy girl who doesn't know how to talk to guys? Is there a certain guy right now that you long to make notice you? Do you clam up every time that he comes around? If you need to learn how to initiate a conversation and talk to any guy then you aren't alone. Lots of women get shy when it comes to a man that they are really attracted to. These tips will help you learn to gain confidence in your abilities to talk to any guy and keep him interested in you.

The first rule to talking to men is to remain calm. This can also be the most difficult task to master, so it is something that you have to put in time practicing. Try to remember when you are talking to a new guy that he needs to impress you just as much as you need to impress him. Just because you may think that he is massively handsome, that doesn't mean that he is intelligent or nice. So keep in mind that you are not the only one who is trying to prove something. This will enable to you take some of the pressure off.

Another trick that you can employ is to let him do most of the talking. Women tend to talk to much when they are conversing with men. This is because men are more laconic than women are. The advantage of not saying as much is that you will be less likely to put your foot in your mouth. Also, you will no doubt feel less pressure if you let him led the conversation.

If you are talking to a guy that you have never met before, just try to pretend that you already know him. It is much easier to be yourself when you are not worried about trying to make them like you. Strange as this may sound, it really will help you to relieve some of the pressure associated with meeting someone new.

Just don't let yourself be too intimidated to talk to any guy that you want to meet. The worst thing that can happen is that the two of you will not hit it off and not talk again. However, the possibility that he could be the person you spend the rest of your life with is certainly worth taking a chance on.

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He Won't Text You Back - What Action Should You Take?

Should you continue to text a guy when he won't text you back? How long should you wait for him to text you back before contacting him? Does this mean that he isn't interested in you at all? The dating world has changed so drastically in the past decade that older folks probably can't even comprehend all of the new tricks that have arisen. From text messages to email to instant messaging, it's enough to make a girl crazy trying to figure it all out. So what should you really do when he won't text you back?

Texting is such a fun and easy form of communication; you would think that it would help to uncomplicated the whole dating game, but think again. There is so ultimate protocol on texting, but there are some basic rules that you can learn.

Don't spam

You don't appreciate it when some company sends you forty unsolicited emails in one week trying to get you to buy their product, do you? Well a guy is going to feel just as annoyed by you if he is getting tons of text messages from you every day. Don't spam him. You will annoy him if you keep texting him and he doesn't text you back. If he is really interested he will text you back as soon as he gets the chance. If he is simply busy and you still keep badgering him then he will probably get turned off and not want to contact you at all.

Be patient

Yes, maybe you are the type of woman who doesn't like to feel as if she is put on ice, but you are going to have to learn to be patient. The simple truth is that sometimes people have other things to do. Just because you text someone that doesn't mean that they are in a situation in which they can immediately text you back. Don't sweat it. Go on about your day and don't worry. If you still haven't heard from him by the next day then you may want to check with him to see if he got it.

When he finally texts you back

So finally you find out that he still has all of his fingers when you get that text back from him. But what if he has made you wait for a long time? Even if he includes in his text a great reason for the long wait, you may not want to race to reply to him. Unless you need to tell him something urgent, you should wait just a bit so that he doesn't think that you are desperate. Remember that it is. Make men fall in love, Click Here for more.

Sex & Relationships - What Men Really Think

Do you think that sex and relationships are the same thing? Do you feel pressured into having sex in order to have a relationship? Are you confused about signals you get from guys about relationships and sex? Read on to find out if men believe that sex and relationships are synonymous.

A recent poll revealed that most men were not in a hurry to have sex, and surprise, they even consider waiting until marriage. Very different than what most women believe men want today. Women assume that men want to have sex and this is one way of holding on to them. Evidently, the opposite is true....for most. It makes one wonder if sex and relationship are synonymous for men.

As the roles of men and women have changed, our conceptions and even misconceptions about sex have changed. As women continue to thrive in a "man's world" they think they need to develop a man's attitude in order to compete and this includes developing their attitudes toward sex.

The truth is, many men hide behind the mask of testosterone and saving face with friends, to hide feelings of insecurity they have about sex. Many men are willing to take things slow and develop a relationship and wait for the right time----for some, that may be marriage.

So, are sex and relationships synonymous to men; evidently not. Unfortunately, there are men who are only out for one thing in a relationship. If his calls are infrequent, or he calls at odd hours, if you are the last stop on his way home after being out for the evening, he probably is not interested in a relationship.

If he calls just to talk or he takes the times to plan special dates, if he wants to know more about you and what you like, then this guy is looking for a relationship. Are sex and relationship synonymous for a guy? Contrary to what women have believed for years....evidently not. How to make a guy love me, Click here for more.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Get A Guy To Propose – Making Him Commit

Since you read this article, there is a really strong chance that you want to learn how to get a guy to propose. It is quite possible to create a really strong desire in the man so that he just wants to marry you. However, most women do not understand that a man’s hand can be forced. You should not create an ultimatum and force him to propose but there are some things that can make him commit for his entire life.

It is hard to learn how to get a guy to propose you for most women because it is necessary to think like a man. Women have a romantic view of life and it is hard to not think about the man on one knee and a really fairy tale like proposal. A woman will see the proposal as something emotional and the man sees it rationally. Your man does love you but it is hard for him to just ask you to marry him.

Thinking about proposing is a scary thought for men and that is why a phobia of commitment usually appears. If your man is the same, you should not worry as it is actually normal. Most women believe that men are afraid of making a commitment but the truth is totally different and the man does not want to keep options open.

The scary thought that appears in the mind of a man is that he will not be able to be a good husband and properly take care of you. Men think about money, supporting a family, buying a ring, disappointment that can appear if the ring is too small, how to properly propose and many other things like this. The man actually wants to make the proposal perfect and that is what makes the entire situation really stressful for him. In the event that your goal is to increase chances of making the guy propose, you need to start admiring him. Do not talk about getting married or show pictures of rings that are too expensive. The same goes for dresses that you find in bridal magazines. This puts a pressure that makes him feel that he will disappoint you.

Keep reminding the man that you love him and that it is not at all important to buy a really big ring. Add talks about the wedding and make him know that you do not need a really fancy one as he is what you actually want. If you do this and you notice that the boyfriend still does not propose, it might be due to the fact that he is too comfortable with the relationship. In this case you just have to spend more time at doing things for you and alone. If he loves you and he believes that he might lose you, he will quickly propose out of fear of not losing you. Go straight to how to make a guy fall in love with you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Secret Signs A Guy Likes You

You havе met а grеat guy аnd maybе yоu havе bеen dating fоr а whilе. But yоu stіll dо nоt knоw hоw hе feels abоut yоu. What arе thе beѕt signs а guy likes you

1. Analyze hiѕ body language. If hе likes you, yоu mіght notice thаt hе doesn't turnѕ hiѕ bаck tо you, oftеn leans tоwardѕ you, аnd oftеn loоkѕ аt yоu.

2. Check hiѕ eye contact. If hе likes you, hе mіght eіthеr lоok awаy quickly whenеvеr hе iѕ shy оr unconfident оr hе wіll catch yоur eyes оr hold it. This cоuld bе uneasy whenеvеr yоu dо nоt lіke hіm. Whenever yоu thіnk yоu havе held eye contact morе thаn а sеcond оr if hе loоkѕ awаy quickly, this is a sign that thіs guy have a interest in you. When hе iѕ near yоu аnd hе sаyѕ sоmеthing funny аnd everyonе arоund thе twо оf yоu iѕ laughing, hе wіll lоok аt yоu tо sеe if yоu arе laughing, tоо.

3. Listen closely tо whаt hе iѕ sаying. If hе have an interest in you, аnd he's nervous, hе wіll stаrt talking abоut hіmsеlf. Often, а guy thіnkѕ hе neеds tо prove himself, eѕpеcially if yоu talk abоut anothеr guy.

4. Be aware оf physical contact. He cоuld put hiѕ hand оn yоur arm оr bаck whеn hе iѕ laughing, аnd wіll nоt move hiѕ legs if it hаppеns tо touch yours, оr hе mіght hug yоu oftеn. All оf thеse arе signs оf а guy liking you, unlеsѕ he's а player whо flirts wіth women аround him.

5. See hоw hе behaves arоund othеr girls аnd watch if hе treats yоu othеrwіse. Often а guy flirts wіth othеr girls only tо gеt yоur attention. It gіves thеm аn opportunity tо sеe yоur response. It helps thеm knоw if yоu dо lіke thеm. The beѕt method yоu cаn tеll thе guy iѕ tryіng tо makе yоu jealous iѕ thаt thеy rarely lоok аt yоu whеn thеy arе flirting wіth someоne elѕe. Another sign iѕ thаt whеn yоu leave, hе immediately stops tо flirt wіth thе othеr girl. You cаn aѕk а friend lоok out fоr thіs. You nеed tо bе sneaky tо fіnd out if а guy likes yоu.

6. Check if hе iѕ shоwing intеrеst іn thingѕ yоu dо оr talk abоut. For instance, if yоu lіke а kіnd оf music thаt hе likes aѕ well, hе mіght suggest artists yоu shоuld listen tо.

7. Look fоr signs оf nervousness lіke sweaty palms, nervous laughter, deep breaths, fidgeting. These arе аll signs оf аn attraction tоwardѕ yоu аnd thаt hе iѕ nervous abоut makіng аn impression оn yоu.

8. Look аt hiѕ friends. If thеy knоw a guy likes you, thеy mаy tease hіm а bit whеn yоu arе near, оr evеn try tо fіnd out if yоu lіke hіm. Notice thеir reactions whеn yоu arе arоund - arе thеy smiling? Do thеy act іn а wаy thаt suggests thеy knоw sоmеthing thаt yоu don't?

The seven (7) tips mentioned arе sоmе gооd signs а guy likes yоu. Use them!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Get Him Back Just Think It Through

Have you broken up from a relationship and wondering how to get him back? Being in love is such an amazing feeling but it can be absolutely devastating if that love ends. The ending of a relationship can be the worst feeling in the world.

If you find yourself in this situation and want to know what you can do to make amends and get your boyfriend back then why not try the following steps.

Firstly you need to have a really good think about the relationship and work out if it is definitely over. Is it possible that you are 'just taking a break' or is it really over for good? Some couples do decide to take a break and spend some time apart with the possibility of getting back together and making it work.

Others do break up with the intention of not getting back together but over time realize they were wrong and they get back together again. Then there are those relationships that are just not meant to work and those relationships are not worth trying to save.

If you think that your relationship is one that is worth saving and your ex boyfriend is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with then you can take steps to try and work things out. If you hurt your ex in any way then you need to make it clear that you are sorry for what you did. If you have changed as a person and he doesn't love that new person then you may need to consider going back to the person you once were - the person he fell in love with.

You shouldn't rush him into coming back to you, if he is hurt or angry then he might need some time to himself to think things through and workout what he wants to do with this relationship. Remember that you cannot force someone to love you and if he just doesn't love you anymore then it may be time to move on.

When you are trying to get him back, don't appear desperate as this will be a big turn off for your ex. You need to act mature and show him that you have changed and that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. Don't go calling him every five minutes or sending him hundreds of text messages. Give him the space that he needs right now to calm down and think things through.

After a week or so then give him a call and perhaps ask him to meet you to talk things through. Don't beg your man to come back to you, but just apologize again for hurting him and let him know that you still love him. Tell him that you really want the relationship to work and that you want to talk things through and work on the problems within the relationship. An apology on its own is not enough to convince a man that you have changed and that you will really put an effort into the relationship, you need to talk to him, listen to what he says and show him that you care about his feelings and opinions and want to work together to build this relationship.

How to get him back - Relationship advice
Getting over love can be very difficult but remember that if he really doesn't want to get back with you then you need to accept that and move on. However, if you can sit and talk to him maturely and he decides that he does still love you and would like to give it another go, then don't go straight back to what you were doing before you broke up, you need to change and remember everything she talked about and really make an effort to make it work.