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Monday, January 18, 2010

Commitment Phobia Men - How to Make Your Guy Overcome The Issue of Commitment

Statistics indicate that a surprisingly high number of men suffer from what can be described as commitment phobia. This is something that leaves many of us in lots of heartaches. Many questions may plague you if you happen to date such a boyfriend, and it may be quite frustrating as you wonder whether it is really possible to get out of such a predicament. The fact is that there are some things that you can do to help your boyfriend pull out of his commitment phobia.

Don't persuade him

If you are in love with a guy, you may think of letting him notice your unique qualities that ensure the marriage you will have will last. You may therefore think that it is wise to try to let him see the sense through persuasion.

Unfortunately, this step is not as reasonable as it seems. It is more likely that you will just push your man further away as he develops resistance against your efforts. Men do not like to be pushed into things, particularly by women, and this is a good way of turning him off.

Act, don't talk

If you would like to deal with such a man successfully, you should let your actions speak for themselves. Have you heard that actions speak louder than words? Well, here is one area where this is exactly true.

The more you talk about the issue of commitment, the more repulsive your boyfriend will become. In case this has been your method, stop it right away and you will get his attention.

Match his lack of interest

In case your commitment phobia guy appears to have no interest in long-term issues, give the same impression as well. Let your actions show him that he is not the center of your life, and you have other matters to take into consideration.

Make independent plans

One of the best ways of showing your apparent disinterest is to make your personal plans where he does not take part in any way. This will snatch the sense of security from under his feet. When he realizes that there is a very real risk of losing you, he will commit in order to avert that possibility.

These are some of the things that you can do in order to change the direction of your stagnating relationship. If you are convinced that that is the man you would like to get married to, you do not have to wait for him to propose. Urge him towards it instead through your actions - not words.

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